How to play Android games without lag (Root)

Hey there!

Do you fans of most of high quality android’s games like PUBG Mobile, Asphalt, MoBa? But the devices you got only the low specs?

Dont worry, i got the best solution for you! Short and sweet.

What you need?

1. Rooted phone.

First of all, you must root your phone to get the full access control.

How to root?

For now, Google it :). I’ll write about it later.

2. GL Tools

GL Tools is the powerful tools that can helps your low specs device to play games with high settings.

It is also compress the game texture and can easily changes the resolutions and graphic performance.

The apps support for ARM and x86 processors and sure can support your devices too.

Click here to install.

3. Lucky Patchers

This to bypass GL Tools

Click here to install.

How to work on it

1. Open Lucky Patcher, select GL Tools and clear it’s data.

2. Open menu of patches.

3. Click ‘change the apps components’.

4. Click ‘hange its permission and save original method’.

5. Disable license untill it become red font.

6. Apply and reboot.

7. Open GL Tools, select your desire game.

8. Tick:

Enable custom setting for this ✅

Force 16 bits renderring ✅

Optimize GLSL shaders ✅

Use fake GPU and RAM info ✅ (choose one of the GPU and RAM listed)

9. Reboot and enjoy the game!


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